In addition to my current dissertation project, I publish academic articles, policy papers, book reviews, blog posts, and Chinese-to-English translations. If you would like to read a paper that is not publicly available, please email me.

Published Articles

“Global Maoism and the Decolonization of China’s History,” The Historical Journal, forthcoming.

Maoism, Anti-Imperialism, and the Third World: The Case of China and the Black PanthersMade in China Journal, special issue on “Archaeologies of the Belt-Road Initiative,” The Australian National University Press, Vol 6, Issue 2, May – Dec 2021.

Select Working Papers

“Learning Anticorruption by Going Out: Bureaucratic Politics and Subnational Diplomacy in Reform China,” working paper with Michael Thompson-Brusstar (University of Michigan).

“Megaphone Diplomacy and Competitive Coalition-Building: Public Statements as an Alternate Arena for US-China Competition,” working paper.

“Liberalism in Taiwan: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage,” book chapter for Taiwan Sourcebook: Island Inquiries, Cambria Press, forthcoming.

Public Writing

Infographic: China’s New Leaders after the 20th Party Congress, Fairbank Center Blog, Nov 6, 2022 (updated Mar 1, 2023 – download infographic )

Infographic: China’s Leadership before the 20th Party Congress, Fairbank Center Blog, Oct 17, 2022

“Studying Foreign Relations by Moving Away from MOFA: Official Source Linking and Chinese Bureaucratic Learning,” Memo for “Getting China Right” conference, co-authored with Michael Thompson-Brusstar (University of Michigan), 2022.

Cold War Bedfellows: The Forging of the Sino-Albania Alliance in the 1960s,” Wilson Center, History and Public Policy Program and Cold War International History Project, Feb 2, 2021.

Ezra Vogel, leading expert on East Asia, dead at 90,” The Harvard Gazette, Jan 5, 2021

Taiwan’s Pink Vote,” An analysis of Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election, Fairbank Center Blog, Jan 13, 2020

Teaching China Through Black History,” A reading and teaching guide to the history of Black and African American connections with China, with Keisha A. Brown and Ruodi Duan, Fairbank Center Blog, Jan 30, 2019

China’s Economic Governance,” Infographic and teaching guide to key people and initiatives in China’s economy, Fairbank Center Blog, Dec 13, 2018

China’s Economic Governance Infographic, Dec 2018

China’s Leaders of Party and State after the 13th NPC and CPPCC,” Infographic and teaching guide to China’s leadership after the “Two Meetings” of March 2018, Fairbank Center Blog, Apr 5, 2018

How the Chinese Communist Party Rules Infographic, April 2018

How the CCP Rules, a Guide to China’s Leaders of Party and State,” Infographic and teaching guide to China’s elite politics, Fairbank Center Blog, Oct 11, 2017

The EU’s ‘Lack of Consensus’: Uneven Demands for LGBT Rights in Eastern Europe”, LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School, Vol. V (2014-15), Mar 2015

Teaching the UK to Speak Mandarin,” Young Fabians, Oct 2014

Book Reviews

“Yunxiang Gao, Arise Africa! Roar China!” in China Quarterly (forthcoming).

“Terry Laytz, Americans in China,” in PRC History Journal (forthcoming).

Matthew Galway, The Emergence of Global Maoism: China’s Red Evangelism and the Cambodian Communist Movement, 1949-1979,” in Journal of Asian Studies (forthcoming).

Todd A. Henry (ed.), Queer Korea,”in Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Issue 46, November 2021.

Published Translations (Chinese-to-English)

Discussion Notes of Chairman Mao receiving a Delegation of the Albanian Women’s Union and an Albanian film crew,” Wilson Center, Cold War History Project, 2020

“China Rainbow Media Awards: Annual Media Monitoring Report”, Queer Comrades, 2015

Magic [Film], directed by Michael Liu. Produced by Queer Comrades for Queer University. Chinese-to-English subtitles for documentary film on “yao’er” [trans-]culture in Northeast China, Apr 2015.

“2015 Media Monitor Report”, Beijing LGBT Center, 2015

From Wenchuan to Lushan: An Overview of Disaster Relief NGO Efforts”, China Development Brief, 2014

“A Disciple Moving Towards a World of Openness”, L.A. Louver Art Gallery, 2014

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China,” China Development Brief, 2012


The Third World’s Maoist Revolution: Maoism, African-American Activism, and Naxalism during China’s Cultural Revolution,” Harvard University, 2020

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